Comic books and lost data.....

Today I was reminded again all the photos I lost when our data drive broke down. When Windows Vista came out Eddie decided to put in my laptop. Well we soon realized what a bad idea that was. Not only my computer started running very slow but they were many problems with programs that were not compatible even trying to connect my printer was a big deal. Well the easiest way to go back to windows XP was to erase everything from my computer and since I had all my data in my other drive I had no problem. Well a couple of days later, the data drive breaks down. I don't know what happened but it just didn't want to connect anymore. Eddie tried to fix it but it just doesn't want to work. I had all of my photos there, photos of Chico and Happy with the clothes that I sell on ebay, files with info of our online store and photos I had taken of different places and people. It is so frustrating when you loose all your files or photos. This is not the first time it happens to us. We have our macs that broke down about two years ago full of pictures. This time we got a desktop and a couple of data drives connected to it. I'm not sure really but Eddie assured me that we wont loose our data anymore. I guess I will have to take photos again of the clothes and work on the design of the website again. At the same time, I'm trying to focus more on my wedding photography. Today I was really focused on selling our comic book collection. I was thinking it would be a good idea to sell them so I can get more equipment. I think my priority is to get a flash and a tripod.

This is the link to the my ebay store with the dog clothes and comic books in case someone is interested in comic books =)
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