Las Vegas

So I had a little vacation this past weekend. We went to Vegas to celebrate my sister in law's wedding anniversary. She invited us and her sister and husband, brother and girlfriend and their mom. We had such a good time although the weather was over 100 the whole weekend I really enjoyed it. We went to see the George Lopez at the Hilton Theater on Saturday. We didn't play the machines too much this time since our first tries were losses. From Friday to Sunday it was great. It was a very relaxing time for me and Eddie. We enjoyed the swimming pool at the hotel although we were a little disappointed the hotel didn't allow using the Jacuzzi in our room after 10pm. Having so much to do during the day, the best time to use was at night; however, they didn't allow that. Also we had a great time finding places to eat. We went to a couple of buffets at downtown Las Vegas where we also enjoyed their famous Fried Twinkies and Bananas dipped in Chocolate.
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