Roadtrip to Texas

So two days ago we got back from our road trip to Houston Texas. My husband and I went to visit my family for the holidays. We drove over there with our two chihuahuas Chico & Happy. On our way to texas we had a stop in Douglas Arizona where Eddie has an uncle. His uncle Adan has a house near a town by the border of Arizona and Mexico. We had a great time seeing him and meeting his two chihuahuas. At about ten minutes from San Antonio Texas we had another stop in Seguin Texas. There we visited another of Ed's uncles, Elias. We had dinner with them and we got to meet his wife. That same night after three days on the road we arrived in Houston. I had such a great time with family in Texas that it was very sad for me to leave my parents again. I enjoyed my mom's cooking soooo much after a year of not having it I couldn't resist any dish she made. They also tooks us to try stome cajun food in Louisiana. We had fun doing family things like going to the zoo and Galveston. I met my brother's wife Cindy and her daughter Jenessa. Even though she was shy she was excited to play with Chico and Happy. Right before New year's eve day Ed's mom joined us in Houston. In our way back, we visited Ed's aunt in Austin. We had such a great time meeting her family, kids, grandkids and her dog Dribbles. We decided to come back to California taking another way by Alburquerque and Flagstaff Arizona. It has a nice scenic view going through there since there is much more vegetation but this time there was also snow. It was kind of scary driving through snow at night but I was beautiful the next day. In Flagstaff, the weather was wonderful. There was snow everywhere in a shiny sunny day. From there we decided to take another route to see the Grand Canyon. I've been wanting to see it for such a long time that I was so happy to finally be there. We visited the South Rim so it was a different experience to see it with snow everywhere. We couldn't picked a better day. After an exciting day we headed for home. I took so many photos that I'm posting below.

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