Photographer Going Green

I just want to share something that has being in my mind for a while. My husband and I came to realize that we need to be more eco friendly. I have always tried to care more about the environment in different ways but looking at everything I try to do in my daily life makes me think that I can do so much more. I have been reading a lot and watching shows about different things that we can do to be more environmentally friendly. One project that we have talked about is building our house green. It is a great idea and I'm so happy to share this same feeling with my husband Eddie. We have other ideas in the future but most importantly we are already changing how we do things. Like the other day I learn something I could never get which is what to recycle and how do you know. Well plastic is one that it is a little complicated but there's a way to check that is easy for anybody. The number at the bottom of the bottle tells you what type of plastic it is and where it should go. This website helps you how to select them. Another neat thing that is so easy to do is composting your trash. It is turning your food scraps into compost by mixing it up to improve soil. I know these things are probably things that you knew or heard like I heard but sometimes we don't realize how easy it is to do and at the same we are helping our environment tremendously. One last thing that I wanted to share is that since I started my photography business I realized that I wanted to use available light/natural light for my photos. I have being doing it like that for a while now and now it makes me feel better that in a small way I'm helping the environment also. I hope by reading this makes you want to change the way you do things a little to be more environment friendly.
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