Mommies Photo shoot

Hi Everybody,

First of all I want to thank all the families coming to both of my photo shoots on Saturday and Sunday. I want to make sure everybody knows where they going so I'm posting a map for both photo shoots.

This is to the park in Riverside it is called California Citrus State Historic Park and its address is 1879 Jackson Street Riverside, California 92504.

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This is from Corona to the beach. You can take toll roads 241 and 133 or take freeway 55 and 5.

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What to wear?

For the park, I would say wear solid colors. Avoid plaids, busy patterns or any large logos, as it detracts from the photographs focus, your child.
A nice sundress with sandals or jeans, a bright top and bare feet are perfect.

For the beach, White or black tops and jeans or khaki bottoms are very popular.
Again,solid colors work best as do long sleeve shirts. Plain, classic and comfortable are perfect for the beach.

Also, please call me if something comes up. If I don't have your number please send me an email with it. Hopefully I will see all of you this weekend.

****Also I want to remind you guys that $25 is cash. If you want to get a cd you can pay then too or send me a money order later.
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