Our trip to the Redwoods

Last month my husband Eddie and I decided to drive up to the Redwoods of Northern California.. We packed up, got Chico our chi and left for the long Labor day weekend.  As for me, I always try to make my trips photography trips. I take my camera and take as many photos as I can.  I took some photos of the trees and  San Francisco. Every time we've been there it's cold and overcast... this time wasn't different but I wanted to take a photo of the Golden Gate from a different perspective.  We went up this hill right before sunrise. It was very scary because we didn't realize how foggy it would be. We couldn't see a thing so we decided to park and wait for some light. We waited and waited and all we saw was fog. Eventually the Golden Gate became visible at least a for a little bit surprisingly very close to us.  These are some photos of our trip. Hope you like them.


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