Photographing children

Photographing children can be a little bit challenging yet very rewarding knowing that you've recorded times that will always be there for you to enjoy.  I can see it specially in my nieces and nephews because I have been photographing them since they were born.  I posted many sessions of them and usually when I have an new idea I try it on them first.  At the same time I feel blessed to see how much they're growing through their photos.  I captured them as babies and some of them still are but some of them are growing too fast.   And as I've photographed my nieces and nephew many times, I also have many repeated clients.  I love seeing how their children are growing and I'm a able to capture that moment for them and their families to cherish for the rest of their lives.

My sister became a mom for the second time to a beautiful baby boy, Julian.

Mathew is going to be 4 yrs old.

And Gracie is turning 2 this year.

I posted many photos of the twins Gabby and Izzy on my blog before. 

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